Black Widowed

Prevalent.  We seem to play host to black widow spiders on our property.  HATE arachnids of all types.  But, these are especially nasty.  They are stealth.  Their webs are not ordinary webs, the spider silk of a black widow is tougher than steel or kevlar.  Soooo, sticky.  Their unholy appearance begins at the start of my favorite time of year–summer time.  In all, I have found 7 black widows on our property.  One was INSIDE our bedroom, attached to a clothes tree with MY clothes hanging there.  Now, that may not seem like a dangerous number, not worthy of alarm, but I went immediately to the phone directory to locate an exterminator.  He was good enough to come to the house and give me his assessment.  “That is really not a large enough number for me to tent your house.”  What?  Seven black widows is not enough?!  It’s enough for me Mr. Exterminator!

In the end, he did nothing.  Since that time I have discovered two more black widows in quiet corners of our yard.  Their big, black thorax with the unmistakable red mark, is indication of the interloper in my midst.  It is disturbing as we are all familiar with their venomous bite.  Oh my God, the makings of a horror movie.

I run for the shovel and I squish the pest with glee as I scream in decibel high enough to alarm the neighbors.  One less black widow.  Now, on to the rats that take up residence in our ivy.

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