Let’s Talk About Facebook

Pls.  That’s short for please.  Get it?  On Facebook, everything is short for something else.  Cuz we have the attention span of a gnat.  LOL…emoji…LMAO…BTW…  I will admit to the use of BTW, but that’s where I draw the line.  I no longer have an active Facebook account.  Here’s my timeline.  In 2009 I went to work for a company that mandated their employees maintain a Facebook account.  Why?  This was the means by which they would send materials and instructions to new hires.  What?  Yep, against my own nature I had to acquiesce.  At that point I had become accustomed to using the computer for email, and that was about it.  Use the computer for job-related business…ugh.  Once that task had ended, I decided to hold on to my account to see what brilliant things people were posting.  My account has been deactivated.

Remember the day when people wrote to each other using fine stationary and ball-point pens?  Well, do you?  If you are under forty years of age, the answer is no, you don’t.  Makes me sad.  Over all the years since I was in junior high I kept a steady flow of correspondence going with friends and family members, old and young alike.  I had pen pals, I had cousins in Mexico, an aunt in Montana, friends all over. I loved surveying the vast array of greeting cards available in the stores.  Funny cards, somber cards, cards with no text at all, just beautiful pictures.  How does Hallmark make it these days?

I saved each and every piece of my mail.  Five decades worth of mail crammed into drawers and shoeboxes.  I go back through them on occasion.  For those occasions when I want to linger over the time when people literally wrote and mailed correspondence.  U may go bk 2 fcbk.

1 thought on “Let’s Talk About Facebook

  1. Gah! The “u may go bk 2 fcbk” will, undoubtedly, read as something else to all them kids, these days (or those who might still act like them)….

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