DSCN1077In Spanish that means grandson.  Ewan is mine. Nearing his 11th month, he is crawling, putting almost everything in his mouth, and showing his understanding of what “No” means.  He has perfect symmetry in facial features, nothing too big, nothing too small.  He was graced with a beautiful complexion as his skin is darker than either his dad’s or mom’s.  A nice olive tone.  Of course, that was my contribution.  I am Hispanic, well, 1/2 Mexican and that makes Ewan 1/8 Mexican.  But, it doesn’t stop there as Ewan’s mom is Japanese.  We’re talking exotic here.  Perhaps it’s not so unrealistic to anticipate Ewan will master not only English, but Japanese and Spanish as well.  Triple threat.

A tiny pair of tap shoes await Ewan’s premiere.  He has brought all manner of joy  into our lives.  He has been introduced to our pool.  At first not so well-received, but after his third dip in the water, he’s getting the hang of it.

Nieto.  A fun, cute addition to the family.  When he comes to our place for a  visit, his mom straps him into the stroller I bought him and off we go.  He falls asleep within a couple minutes.  Sweet.

Okay, so in November, 2016, Ewan displays a wonderful array of skills.  He is past the 14th month since his birth.  Walking at a steady pace through the piles of leaves strewn around the tiny park that sits just outside the apartment, Ewan appears to be in his element.  He didn’t, however, care too much for the slide.  Hitting bottom scared him.

Whether he goes on to take up piano, curling (ugh!), tennis, bowling or raising pumpkins, he will succeed.  Sweet & beautiful, smart & capable. It doesn’t get better than that.




3 thoughts on “Nieto

  1. Haha, falling asleep so fast reminds me of ME! I fall asleep as a passenger in anything that moves.

    I love Ewan, so much. Always glad to see more photos of him. I look forward to seeing him for his big 1st birthday!!

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