Air DromioIn the form of my son, Trevor.  He was born premature.  Weighing in at 2 lbs. 12 oz., he took us all by surprise.  His life was not in danger, however, he just required some time in the hospital to reach optimum condition enough for his transfer home.  He grew and prospered.

From an early age it was evident that entertaining the masses was his calling.  Well, in the beginning, the masses included his small family unit…my husband and I, and his older brother.  As Trevor matured he developed a knack for the theatrical.  His premiere performance came while he was in the fourth grade.  He was assigned the role of the Caterpillar in his school’s version of Alice In Wonderland.  I sewed his costume and he took off in it.  He nearly brought the house down with his characterization.  Doing a little jig and reciting his lines, his performance became one of the most memorable in all his years since.

Trevor achieved some notoriety for the many notable roles that have come his way.  He has performed in a Waterworld show at Universal Studios, Halloween events in more than one venue, and a couple of commercials, to name a few.  He is quite capable of earning laughs and generating a following.  And the Oscar goes to…


2 thoughts on “Entertainer

  1. This is a very nice little tribute, Mom. Thank you!

    I’m glad you chose that picture, too. That was a really fun production and a role which (obviously) gave me a lot to play with. I live to entertain and I love the sound of laughter, almost as much as I love being the one to make them laugh!! 😉

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