OtherwisDSCN0562e known as Dance Dance Revolution.  Once a staple of bowling center, mall and even college arcades, not so easily found these days.  I was introduced to this unusual game in the early two-thousands on a family bowling night.  What was driving this mostly teen-occupied platform?  And platform it is as a player steps up to take a turn stomping on the sequence of lights as the music plays.  I tossed aside any reservations and the intimidation factor that a 40-something woman might possess and I prevailed upon the teenage boy taking his turn, “Can you show me how to play?” The young people are so skilled on this game that they do impressive stunts while they play.  I love music and I love to dance, granted this game does not resemble any traditional dance genre.  The music and lighted pads are all electric-dependent.  One must step accurately enough to garner the top scores.  Drop tokens in the slot, select level and music, then make certain to give a nod in the direction of that goth sixteen year-old who invested some time in the tutorial of an enthusiastic middle-aged first-timer.

Over the years since my initiation to all things DDR, the game has replaced my bowling interest on family nights out.  My ambition is aimed squarely at the finer points of the dance game and proving mastery of my ability over a select few music choices.  I usually leave victorious.  So, what began as my curious approach to a novel arcade game has withstood the test of time.  For some years now I have enjoyed the home version of DDR.  It serves as a high-intensity exercise program with fun musical variety built in.  I invite family members of all ages to try their footwork.  Because I have noticed the disappearance of the more commercial version of DDR in venues that were once home to the game, I am happy to include this fun and physically challenging component to my lifestyle.  I recommend the song choice, “My, My, My”.



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