DSCN0389A typo?  No, it is the proclamation on my license plate.  A man I met at the gas station pointed to the plate asking, “What university did you go to?”  Hmm.  Well, it does come off as a bit of a mystery.  I tap dance.  That is what I do.  I came along in the world of dance quite late.  No toddlers venue in the performing arts for me.  Rather, I was a sophomore in high school participating as a member of the Modern Dance Club. Fourteen years old and high on the concept of becoming the prima ballerina.  If only I had the talent.  Well, I had a modicum of skill, and a great deal of enthusiasm.  Prima ballerina wasn’t in the cards for me.  However, eager and energetic, I became capable and controlled enough to manage routines I learned from my teachers.  Even more fun was the joy in choreography.  I have earned the praise generated from the fun works my dancers perform.

It was 47 years ago that I was introduced to the 5-6-7-8 of movement.  Since my foray into tap I have enjoyed the percussive nature of my favorite dance genre.  It is the only dance style that has a day of recognition attached to it — May 25, National Tap Dance Day in honor of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson the famed performer who, among other credits, appeared in many Shirley Temple movies.  I have had amazing experiences performing in a variety of venues.  It has been said that tap dance is a dying art.  If that is so, I hope to give it a transfusion.  It is a classic art form and it is mine.  IM TAPN.



2 thoughts on “IM TAPN

  1. I can only say that to me you are the best–I enjoy watching you put together your choreography–and then the watching you do the dance.

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