Giving Birth

More problematic than going back to school at 51?  Debatable.  The two grandest adventures I have ever embarked on was giving birth (twice) and returning to college as a very mature student in my fifties.  Giving birth came with “challenges” (God, I hate euphemisms) and resulted in the final product…a baby to enjoy.  The return to college was stressful (learning how to navigate the Internet) with all the papers due and research to complete the task.  The final product was the culmination of 35 years attending classes and my B.A. in Communication Studies.  A degree to enjoy viewing on the wall.

Writing and submitting papers was not insurmountable, I like putting words together to tell a story, and the date due for my work was always relatively easy to attain.  The very first professor I misspoke to learned that I hated computers.  “Get over it”, she said, “You will be using a computer A LOT.”  Ugh.

So my childbirth experience was not without mishap.  Complications, medications and life-altering passages.  Discomfort (acne all over my back) and mental anguish — trust me, not too strong a word– accompanied me in my transformation to motherhood.  Outcome?  In spite of everything, I delivered two healthy babies.  Well, I delivered with the assist from the doctor because, of course, I had to go the hard way and deliver by c-section.  Ugh.

Once I had delivered my last presentation in my final college class I was 53 years old.  One other classmate possessed the tell-tale sign of advanced age.  Gray hair.  I was clever enough to hide mine under a cover of Naturtint Wheat Germ Blonde 9N.  Yes.

Loved college education even with all of its potential for difficulty.  Loved my children once they had arrived.  The achievement process of both endeavors was full of birth pains.  The outcome was welcome and much anticipated.


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