Any time a person begins a statement to me with the word “unfortunately”, I know it is going to be a disappointing venture.  That word is the universal term of impending discontent.  Car repairs come to mind.  “Unfortunately, we will have to keep the car a few days longer, so, you will need the rental vehicle for xxx amount of days until further notice, at your expense…of course.”  Never mind the disappointment attached to the repairs that have now reached a sum of $2,000 beyond the initial quote…unfortunately.

A round-trip drive to Lodi to pick up the painted bumper needed for the complete assembly of the car repairs…the bumper comes in white, the car is black.  One day additional to compound the timeframe.  Two days total missed work, $$ gone.

It can not bode well to hear the word “unfortunately” in any context.  “Your infection has disappeared. Unfortunately, lab results show mixed outcome with…”  “You have earned 213 credits, unfortunatlely, after 35 years of attending classes (and reaching your 52nd birthday) you are 6 credits short of graduating this term.”

The term ” unfortunately” means “brace yourself.” No immediate relief in that word.







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