Santa Monica

Visit to trevor and Nana 042There is nothing better than a beach town.  Nothing.  Especially the one I come from.  I was born in Santa Monica but I lived there only a brief moment in time as my nomadic parents switched allegiances and headed a tiny bit further inland.  Did you know I was born in Santa Monica Hospital?  The same hospital Shirley Temple was born in twenty-six years before.  Serendipity.

The beautiful, tony town on the coast is replete with tourists and the mostly senior citizens who have healthy enough financial portfolio to sustain the lifestyle.  Hmm.  I didn’t get in on that.  Still, I do have a few photos taken by my parents showing me enjoying the sandy beach, the sunshine and the joy of being near the surf.  I love beach sounds.  Waves and the fragrance of the water is calming.  The gulls that populate the area are aggressive and quick to benefit from scraps of food left in the sand.  The smaller, less aggressive birds scamper along the wet stretch of sand that serves as the line left behind by the ebb and flow of the tide.  What’s not to like?

Now that I have spent 36 years living inland, I appreciate the uniqueness that the gem of a town named Santa Monica represents.  I go back when I can.  I travel to Los Angeles to visit my actor son (I have to make that distinction) every few months.  Never do I leave the visits feeling satisfied unless I have gone back to my birthplace.  We walk the famous pier.  I indulge in cotton candy and we ride the Ferris wheel. What’s not to like?



2 thoughts on “Santa Monica

  1. Sounds like you had a nice time. I too miss the beach cities. My mothers parents had a house in Huntington beach… I miss playing in the the ocean.

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