Old Sac

imageThat is the abbreviated form for the re-created section of Sacramento that harkens back to the 1800s.  I do my schoolmarm gig on occasional Sundays.  In fact I am headed there later this month as I just received a phone call from my supervisor.  I love it.  My job as a docent, dressed like a proper schoolmarm in black and white, is to engage visitors in conversation about almost anything.  Sometimes we deviate from the historical significance of things and we talk about the lovely corsage a visitor is wearing, or, the weather that day.  I once had a Cambodian family step into the schoolhouse.  We began talking about their boat trip to the states.  Literally, the documented boat people who came over to the states on the heels of that nasty altercation in Vietnam.  I began to tear up while a young man in their group told the story.  It was so touching…my sympathetic response kicked in.

I have had the privilege of greeting visitors from European nations, the Orient (I like that term, it sounds quaint) and nearly every country in South America.  Practically all the states have been represented in the folks who stop by.

I don’t think it gets much better than that.  I mean, when would I ever find the time to travel to all those places?  Love this gig.  Love Old Sac.



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