Haircuts Worth A Million Bucks

Where do you get yours?  Mine come from a stylist in town by the name of Bo.  Bo hails from Thailand.  She has that exotic charm.  We have some wonderful conversation as she snips an inch off my hair.  Doesn’t take her very long to do the job.  I always emphasize that I need only an inch.  Too short screams “matronly”.   Can’t do matronly.  I once wore my hair very long and I loved it.  That was then, this is now.  Looking at my hair from the back, as from the vantage point of somebody’s video, I can see that the scraggly ends are not the least bit flattering.  Gotta strike for the middle road.  So, some where in there is the perfect length.  Thank you, Bo.

There was a time, back in my penniless days as a stay-at-home-mom, that I frequented the local beauty college for $4 haircuts.  I thought I was so clever saving money and still getting the final product to my specifications.  I no longer feel compelled to visit beauty college trainees.  I have a few more dollars to toy with.

Haircuts are like therapy.  Find the right stylist and give her (or him) your request.  Walk out feeling like a million bucks.


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