That’s what I feel while driving to the Mimi’s closest to my workplace.DSCN1086 For the unintiated, Mimi’s is one of the finest dining experiences. I discovered Mimi’s way back in the 80s when my sister recommended we stop there. This was Orange County and I was on a visit from out of state. Of course, let’s eat! I now frequent the Mimi’s in Dublin, California, just a hop-skip-and-a jump from where I work in Pleasanton. Two nights a week, I use the surface streets to get there. Freeway is INSANE at the 6:00 evening hour in the Bay Area. It takes me a full 20 minutes to get across 5 miles of town. But, it is so worth it. I am met by some of the most friendly wait staff. I always take a stool at the bar. Not because I want to be near the liquor (I don’t drink) but because I need to be right where the action is. I am curious about the busy staff. They come and go, mixing drinks, shaking that, pouring beer. Love this place! Perhaps the best part? When my French onion soup and muffin arrive. Sublime.

They all know my name. The friendly folk at Mimi’s Dublin, California. They hand me the remote because the TV is right in front of me and they know I loathe sports on television. I change the channel to a “flip” show — you know, the kind that promotes what it is to buy a $135,000 home, flip it and sell it for $213,000. I am going to get in on that venture as soon as I finish my soup.

Sad postscript.  Mimi’s of Dublin is gone.  On my last visit the dear waitstaff informed me that the restaurant was being bought out by another outfit.  Owing to poor performance, this store had to close.  I asked what type of establishment was to take its place.  The answer came back, a sports bar.  WHAT THE F***!!  We don’t have enough of those?!  What a travesty.  I was crestfallen.  Sad day.

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