TJMaxx And Then Some

DSCN1260This is what I know, TJMaxx is the mother lode of all things discounted.  The things you can find are almost unlimited.  I have shopped for a few years at this emporium of delights.  Purses, tights, undies, linens, toys, food, all at prices below nearly any place in any mall, and with greater variety, not to mention unusual items — like  a lipstick that starts out blue and turns pink once applied.  This is where I shop for bagged snack items — cashews, banana chips, diced mango — the kind of sustenance one needs when one drives a long commute.  A touch-and-feel book for when my infant grandson is reading ready.  Shirts for my adult sons and after shave too.  As I passed by the entrance to the cashier a cleverly placed file tower, solid wood, screamed to me.  I have been looking for the perfect piece in which to store my classroom worksheets.  Sold!  Now, let’s talk shopping motivation.  After a certain amount of cash spent on bargains TJMaxx will further motivate by sending a certificate redeemable at any of their stores, and so far mine have come in $10 increments. I’m in. In my closet I can lay my hands on about twelve different items all from TJMaxx (more in the bureau) ready for my work day whether summer clothes or winter wear.  For me this store is a cornucopia of facial products, sweaters, leggings (not to be outdone by jeggings) and shoes.  Ohhh…the shoes!

So, run to your nearest TJMaxx and feast on the discounts.  And, no, I am not getting a kickback for my endorsement.  But I’m open to offers.


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