DSCN1328.JPGI fell off the wagon.  I ate beef recently.  I know, I know…  I had taken my daughter-in-law for girls night out.  We went to see the new Peanuts movie.  Yume loves the Peanuts stories, characters, books, you name it.  So, it was a perfect set-up. I need to add that I go to the movies once every three years.  The movie I had seen prior to Peanuts was Argo in 2012.  There it is, the frequency with which I visit movie theaters makes going to see a movie a momentous occasion.  Our momentous occasion took on even greater proportions when the movie was over and we decided to drive till we found a place to eat at 9:30p.m. in Sacramento.  That wasn’t such a bad plan, but with me driving I noticed the Davis sign on the freeway and I knew that I had lapsed into non-functioning navigational skills.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t pointed in the opposite direction or I might have ended up in Oregon.

I spied an In-N-Out and upon closer inspection noticed the snaking cars waiting for their opportunity to order.  Ugh.  Not for me.  However, right next to this site was a weird Redrum Burger place.  We were both ready for something to eat.  It was 9:45 and she was far from her apartment in Sacramento.  What the heck, we will dine in this fine establishment.

First of all, they didn’t have inside dining.  It was cold.  Order anyway, eat in the relative comfort of the car. We both ordered 1/4 pounders.  Plain dead cow.  But what’s this?  They also offered burgers made of kangaroo and ostrich!!  No s***!  Such sacrilege.  How do they manage?  Wow!  Now I not only felt guilty for breaking my own personal edict, but I ordered from an establishment that does burgers exotic!  The place had some very young employees cooking and taking orders.  What do they know? What did I know?  In a moment of weakness manifest by hunger and misdirection, I fell off the wagon.

Update:  Since my initial visit to Redrum (on the back of their menu was an interesting story of the restaurant’s history) I discovered that the kangaroo option is no more.  Now, the bison burger is among the top two most exotic choices.  I took my Japanese homestay student over there for lunch and she went with Bison Burger.  Her assessment?  “Tastes like beef.”


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