DSCN1250My hair has undergone some transformations. Just a mere 10 years ago, I was a brunette. After discovering Naturtint Honey Blonde 9N, brunette has disappeared. Love it! Full steam ahead. I have managed to convince a handful of people that I am a natural. Of course, they didn’t know me 10 years ago. But natural it is. Not going back. Maybe, in the coming year, I will sport Cotton Candy pink…restlessness.

My oldest son said it seemed to him I had gotten bigger. Maybe it was because his wife had gotten bigger (breastfeeding) and he was finely tuned to subtle, but noticeable changes. “No”, I assured him, “I did not get implants” (although if you are from Orange County, it’s almost required). A well-constructed padded bra does wonders. I have three in different colors. Gotta be prepared for all eventualities.

Options in life are necessary to the health and well-being of all of us. Balance is mandatory. Options bring balance. The next time the coveted Naturtint package arrives in my mail, I will eagerly open it and go to town. Literally. I go to town. Not so much, my town (been there done that) but the next town over. The one that boasts busy city streets, Desigual & Saks 5th Avenue, and a diner whose onion rings are presented in a tall stack. The iconic bridge and cable cars win my affection as I strut out of the subway. All is well with the world…and my hair.

Update: I have traded up.  My current companion is by Umberto, Beverly Hills, Italian Demi Color.  With those endorsements how can I possibly go wrong?!  My choice is Light Copper Gold.  I am turning into my husband.  Well, I have more hair than he has, but the color is about right.  Yep.  It has been 10 years since I went from brunette to blonde.  If I am still on this planet 20 years from now (putting me at 81) I will have given my Light Copper Gold a ten year run, and moved on from that marker to the next 10 as Cotton candy pink.

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