Yep. I have one. They actuallyDSCN0761 make them in white with pink eyes.  And I have one, in the form of an albino parakeet! No joke!! I lost my favorite parakeet, Daisy. Found her on the bottom of the cage…gone. I was crestfallen. She was beautiful with pale blue and pale yellow plumage. And quite friendly. I will miss her. Not as a replacement, but rather to make certain that her newly vacated cage was available for occupancy, I drove to Petco to choose another parakeet. I knew what I wanted.

On a previous pet run I had discovered, much to my surprise, that there is such a thing as a white parakeet. Very strange. Parakeets are distinguishable by their colors. This bird caught my eye immediately. The only white bird in the mix of color. I asked the clerk to please go for this oddball, that I wanted it. She held it in her hand and upon closer inspection, it appeared the bird had pink eyes. What was this? An anomaly. I asked the clerk for her input. Was this an albino parakeet? Apparently she had no previous knowledge of this peculiar bird but she agreed, “Yes, I think this is albino,” she said. “This is very rare,” she added. Imagine! A rare albino parakeet in my home.  Its name is Jelly Bean.  Watch the movie Slither for the sake of reference.  It’s very nervous.  That’s okay, it has a nervous owner.  We nervous types stick together. I don’t know how to sex a bird, so I look for eggs as the telltale indicator.  I love pet birds.  In recent years, I had a dog who made it through her fifteenth birthday.  She was suffering from all sorts of compromising, age-related problems and I couldn’t have her go on.  Too stressful.  When I had her put down, it served as the first time I had ever made such a decision.  Good decision.  Fifteen years is a long time for a dog.  And her owner.  Dogs are high-maintenance.  Birds are not. In the future, I may return to dog ownership.  In the meantime, I have my budgies. They sing and squawk and warble.  Just right.

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