I hate it.  I have been known to refer to January as the month with the least redeeming value.  I mean the gray, the cold, the dreary.  It follows December with all of the holiday merriment.  It follows with a big thud. Yes, January is the segue to February with its promise of better weather and a month till Spring arrives.  But, maneuvering through January takes some skill.  Oh, and let’s not forget that in January I can be visited by, not one head cold, but by two, 14 days apart.

Wake me up when January is over.  The Spring line-up of dresses are hanging on the racks at TJ Maxx.  The cracks in the cement are over-flowing with greenery…weeds of all kinds and sizes.  This heralds the coming of new life.  Gone is the abysmal January climate.  Gone is the cold…the gray…the unappealing.  I try to hasten the eventual joy that springtime promises by having my car washed using the psychology that if my car is washed, it will not rain–because I fly in the face of prevailing logic.  The spotted windshield and grimy chrome trim serve as statement to the contrary.  It rained the day after I got my car washed.  S***.

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