Not the destructive kind, but rather the comforting kind.  This is how I feel about the comfort available to me via our fireplace.  We begin to stockpile wood on the rack outside early in the year.  By November we have amassed enough wood for several weeks of fires to warm ourselves by before we go for the next load of wood.  Then we start the process over.  It’s really not a bother.  I look forward to it each Fall.  Some time ago we had our rooftop heating/air conditioning unit removed.  We don’t miss it.  It was not energy-efficient and our PG&E bills had been astronomical.  The purpose of our wood burning fireplace is to heat and provide comfort.  It does just that and more.  The beauty of the fireplace with the orange flames, the movement of these flames, just the esthetics of it all, is welcome.  You see, our fireplace is built with ten panes of glass connected to each other in a circle. It kind of takes on the feel of a beach bonfire.  Oh, yes. It is pleasing what the wood and our fireplace collectively can provide.  All of this takes place in one corner of our family room.  This is a room that has served as the focus of most family activity for over 18 years.  The fireplace goes ignored by us from March through November, and then it can be ignored no longer.  Thank you fireplace, the wood in it, and the strike of the match that gets it all going.  Oh, yes.

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