Airport Food II

There’s some competition out there for #1.  While waiting for our return flight in the Burbank terminal, and with no other cafe in sight, I decided we would sit down at the best-club-sandwich-place-in-California.  Can’t recall the actual name, never mind, the important thing is I am giving an accurate assessment.

Airport eateries hold the distinction of offering food that’s just a notch above edible cardboard, and over priced.  So, I surveyed the menu and laid my eyes on what read “California Turkey Club”.  For me to really enjoy it, it has to be the traditional layered club, not the sorry substitute that some places bring.  I once had a “club” that was served in a croissant.  Really?  Are you kidding?  What a travesty.  The bread in a club should be either toasted sourdough, toasted white, or toasted wheat.  Well, I placed my order and about 15 minutes later, a waitress presented my sandwich.  Massive doesn’t begin to describe the size of this treasure.  Instead of quarters, the club was cut in half.  Huge halves.  It is difficult to eat a club and look neat and tidy, but that’s part of the allure. This particular sandwich set the bar.  Amazing!  I tackled it from opposing corners, from top to bottom.  And still, I couldn’t avoid making a mess.  Crisp bacon, sliced turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and my favorite toasted bread.  Sublime. Now, it’s clear.  When I make my next visit through Burbank and its airport, I will dine at the best-club-sandwich-place-in-California.  And order their club.  By the way, as I was paying my bill, I sang praises to the waitress.  She said, “Our food is good”.  Agreed.

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