Not the creepy crawly kind. Rather, the largely winter-time, head-cold inducing, fatigue-promoting germy type. Unwelcome as they are, they always seem to find us. This year, in fact, they found us in spades. My Japanese student, here on a home stay, brought us a vestige of a sore throat upon arrival just before Christmas. Hmm… I know it wasn’t intentional but by the 2nd week of her stay everyone else in our home had the distinction of being visited by the same bug. It all served to curtail our activities, our work week, and our appetites. Nothing tastes good while one is sneezing, coughing, blowing a nose, and clearing a throat. Maybe we collectively lost weight. I don’t know. If this is the rude treatment we can expect at the holidays, I am ready for summer. I say this every winter. Doesn’t make a bit of difference. It still takes six months to get from December to June.

Bugs. Every bit unwelcome. Every bit predictable. Is the NyQuil bottle half full, or half empty? Half-empty just seems more promising. We are half-way closer to pre-holiday fitness and health.