Airport Food

DSCN1442.JPGThe Crisp. That’s the name of the salad I selected off of the menu in The Gateway Bar at SAC Metro airport in Sacramento. Mixed greens were accompanied by bleu cheese, candied pecans, chicken, four Roma tomatoes, four large squares of tasty toast (I hesitate refering to them as croutons, these were superior quality) and it was all topped with sizeable slices of crispy, sweet apple. Tangy dressing on the side.  The portion was large and I left a few of the greens making sure that none of the good stuff remained.  The congenial wait staff convinced me that I had made a shrewd decision in bypassing Starbucks and McDonalds.  I was assured that everything served at The Gateway Bar was made fresh.  I didn’t question that.

So, if you have an occasion to seek out the best spot to enjoy a satisfying meal at the Sacramento airport make your way to the second floor.  There you will find an amazing little eaterie.  Put in your order for The Crisp.  It will put all other salads to shame, and you will revel in the fresh fare.

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