Japanese Import

DSC_5786_2But this time it’s a person, not a car.  A person in the form of my oldest son’s wife, my daughter-in-law Yumeko.  Ta da!  The daughter I did not have by birth is a new presence in our lives.  Did you know that nearly everything in Japan is diminuitive in size?  Well, compared to the U.S. standards.  While seated at my table in a Tokyo restaurant, the napkin I received was the size of a pocket tissue, folded 3 times!  Servings of food are tiny when compared to the typical American dinner plate.  So it goes…with Yumeko as well!  Her diminuitive size — 5 ft. even, leaves me feeling like an Amazon at 5 ft. 2.  She watches her weight, as do I, but hers hovers consistently at 104 lbs.  Mine shall remain a mystery.  Yumeko has proven to conceal an artistic bent as she paints rocks, found on her daily walks, in precise detail.  Some sport a Betty Boop likeness and others show off her gift to representing Joker in all his purple finery.  We are encouraging her to approach Etsy with her designs.  Yumeko has innate musicality.  She learned three tap dance numbers (which I as teacher presented) in 5 months.  I ordered her own tap board so that she might practice her new found skill on her own.  She’s got the gift.   I am so taken by this addition to our family.  I have a renewed appreciation for sushi, origami, and mochi.  You’ll have to try mochi for yourself.  It’s unique.  I have a feeling this is the start of a beautiful and lasting relationship.  Hers and mine.  Gotta love Japan.


P.S.  Yume and Lance paid us an extended visit this past year.  While he did the job hunt, we offered our place as temporary shelter.  Ultimately, they found their Sacramento home.  My son says “… so far, Sacramento has treated us well.” On October 31 I will travel to their new apartment to celebrate Halloween.  Lance and I will watch Hitchcock movies and enjoy peanut butter filled pretzels and popcorn.  My husband will be working at the FFA Nat’l. Convention back east.  Yume will be traveling to her parents’ home in Japan for a long overdue 3-week family  gathering.  She will return in time for our Thanksgiving.  She likes to cook.  I will grant her the privilege.  What will you do with an import?  Enjoy!

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