This is how she rolls

My 1/2 ounce , 4 inch long pet finch took a trip recently. An overseas visitor to our home is seriously allergic, to just about everything, but especially animals. So, I traveled to our vet clinic, birdcage in hand. I left Pip in the clinic for two weeks. I checked in on her periodically while our boarder breathed in the dander-free air of our home. Pip is a joy. She flits across the cage from perch to floor without a care in the world. She squawks often. Finches don’t seem to understand that a bird is to possess a melody. I am okay with that. When my allergic visitor took his place in our home, I looked at the place in our dining room that belongs to Pip and sighed. The things we do to accommodate humans. I doubt that Pip even noticed her change of residency in that two week period of time. She’s back. I missed her messy ways…seed and feathers decorate our floor. She’s where she belongs in our home.

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