Lance & Yume

Why does it seem to take soooo long to get those ducks all in a row? My son Lance took a bride in October of 2013. Actually, there was some stipulation in the way immigration works that said they had to marry within three months of her arrival in the states. To accommodate that mandate, they were married in a civil ceremony months before the garden ceremony in our backyard. It took AGES for Yume’s documentation to be completed. Finally, it was done. She was official. That entire process took second place to the process of Lance’s job hunt. When Lance returned from his 3-year stint teaching English in Japan, he began filing applications for the same type position here in California. And he filed…and he filed…and he filed. Two-and-half years later, his ship arrived. But, what a grueling investment of time issuing resumes, applications and earning scant interview opportunities it had been. Two weeks ago Lance became a newly hired Assistant Teacher at a K-8 private school in Sacramento. We are thrilled for him…for them. For the job. For the location. They have begun the task of fixing their sites on the apartment they will call home. There is something so comforting about the dotted line.

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