DSC05493I like them. All types. The 20 yr. old, he volunteered his age when I asked if he was in high school, at the army surplus. Upon my passing through the store doorway a sidewalk passerby yelled something indiscernible at me. The young store clerk, having heard the passerby, asked if I was okay. “I’m fine”, I replied. In a 7 minute “get-to-know-you” session, I learned that Jake had worked at the army surplus for six months and was in college. Also, that he enjoyed the movie Falling Down and he launched into a description of the scenes in the movie that I could offer insights to and we laughed at some of our observations. Nice guy. I left the shop feeling as though I had made a fast friend. Hopefully, he felt the same. He addressed me as “ma’m”. I know, he’s polite. No reference to my advanced age, I’m sure.

A favorite doctor of mine whom I had seen for a few years and who understood my take on why a 350 mile distance between my parents and I was necessary for my health and well-being. He offered, “There’s a reason why I live far from my parents as well.” We laughed. Comradeship.

More. The high school teacher with whom I shared space for our collective four years. He had his style, and I had mine. Sometimes a conflict developed. A confusing spark of unlikely alliance developed between us. We parted company when I decided to return to college as the mature student of 50 that I was and I left my title at that high school behind.

Men. Well, I married one. And I raised two more. My sons are responsible for keeping me going when I thought I should go to sleep, and never wake up. Who was to get their bowl of cereal in the morning? They were too small to reach the cupboard. They’re not too small now. In role reversal, they now help me reach the high places. Two men who love unconditionally. I suppose at any given time, they could be asking another woman if she’s alright when they hear somebody calling out to her disrespectfully. And, sharing a laugh with a newly made friend as they compare movie trivia.

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