Birthdays. Every year another one. I have completed 61 of them. Do I live in fear? Hardly. Well, I do have arthritis on three knuckles of my dominant hand.  Is it nauseating for me to suggest all these years look okay on me?  Maybe I’m looking at 20 more years of productivity in the work place. Maybe. That is what I strive for. Sedentary lifestyle has no appeal. Why would it? I have already logged a great number of years staring out windows watching the concrete buckle.

I manage my years quite well. Tap dance (see, IM TAPN) serves me as an exercise component. I take supplements to bolster the health a 61 year-old body requires. No shame in that. MSM for joint support. Omega 3 for heart support. And of course no harm in throwing in Biotin for good hair, skin and nails. I have enjoyed wearing nail polish for several years now. I never wore nail polish in my 20s, 30s, or 40s as it seemed so impractical and my nails were not in optimum condition.  It only took reaching my 50s to see my nails attain optimum growth lacquered in jewel-tones of OPI.  I will continue refinements with each cumpleaños.

.brick wall smile

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