A Body In Motion Tends To Stay In Motion

Motion.  Momentum.  As long as it’s forward momentum I am enjoying I won’t have that sinking feeling come over me that all is for naught.  Futility is scary.  All my energy going to something that will fizzle and fry my nerve endings…I don’t think so.  Yet, it has seemed as though my sincerest efforts haven’t always gone rewarded.  Take a girls dance class at the high school level.  I suppose the college dance teacher was spot on when she reminded me that our particular geographic area was lacking in dance culture.  How depressing that sounded to me.  What an awful statistic I was troubled with hoping she was wrong.  She was right.  So, ignoring her edict I formulated the plan.  I would approach the high school principal with my winning formula.  I would teach (as a volunteer instructor) a dance class for teens in grades 9-12 in our local campus boasting a total student body population of 360.  Seriously.  The girls who arrived in the gym that first year were quite the motley crew.  I was familiar with none of them.  Not their names, not their faces.  Where had they been hiding all this time?  I was frightened.  I had expectations of a different turn-out.   The four years that followed proved to be problematic.  Many turns and twists provided a very difficult climate on that tiny campus for my dance aspirations.  I consider myself a moderately gifted dancer.  It would have taken a degree in sociology accompanied by clinical experience in the field of psychology to make lemonade of this troupe of lemons.  My tenure as dance instructor was severely tested.  Wish I could have been a more proficient body in motion.  Ultimately, I didn’t feel that my efforts alone could prevail under the circumstances. I left the campus after the fourth year of defeat./p>

My momentum, however, has not been completely diminished.  I returned to dance as a student finding myself in the company of wonderful teachers.  I learned some new moves.  I made gains in confidence.  And finally, I have managed to resume motion and keep in motion.  I have taken on the role of tap dance instructor at more than one studio since I left the high school.  The bitter-pill memories that were established when I naively attempted bringing a new program to a place lacking in that all important dance culture, haven’t exacted crippling damage to my dance enthusiasm. Despite the disappointment I felt, I remained the body in motion.  I am enjoying the tendency to stay in motion with all of the inherent rewards.

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