This is an important component in the diet of small caged birds. Birdseed now takes a prominent place on our shopping list. Our house is host to two small birds. Mine is the tiniest. Small things are just cute by definition. Pip is cute. She has taken up residence in a corner of our dining room. It has been eleven months since I added her to the family. She squawks & that tells me all is well. Pip does not care to be handled. We admire her on her own terms.

On the other hand, Lance & Yume have introduced a lovebird into the mix. Seven weeks old, friendly and quite active. This new pet is let out of its cage daily and it commands attention as it struts around various rooms in the house.

Two sweet birds. We have agreed that this is something strange as we have never been bird types. We are enjoying the distinct pleasures that Pip & Greentea provide.

3 thoughts on “Birdseed

  1. For the 25 years that Judy ran a day care in our house the place was a menagerie, with an endless variety of birds, reptiles, turtles, fish, etc., but only the birds made noise. Those, along with the steady arcade sounds (it used to be “bang, bang,” and is now an endless mimicry of electronic sounds) of a busy day care provided an experience that was enjoyable to be away from. That’s why we have no pets (or kids) at all now, only peace and quiet. But we loved your description of your home. Cousins Jack Dennis and Judy.

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