I Do

DSC_5827East meets West. The wedding ceremony in our backyard speaks to this. My son, Lance, met his new wife while teaching English in Japan. Yumeko is my dream daughter-in-law. She loves to dance, she loves nail polish and she doesn’t follow sports. It doesn’t get better than that. She is serious about improving her English and she studies from a book while making entries in her iPad Mini. The wedding was held on a bright, cloudless, 82 degree October afternoon. We were regaled with not a stitch of a breeze. No small feat in Rio Vista, CA. The actual ceremony was just under ten minutes. My brother-in-law, Keith, officiated. Some time later, he opted to jump in the pool that provided the place where flowers, various shades of pink, were carefully placed. The flowers were the perfect touch. Keith’s jump was a wacky way to punctuate this very special day. Our cellist offered, Someday My Prince Will Come and my son and Yumeko danced beside the flower bedecked pool.

East meets West. Lovely.

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