…and don’t forget your hat

Okay, so you are in a dance recital number that is known as a hat routine, meaning you show up with the prop you will use as you dance —  the hat.  But, among the six ladies in the routine, you are the only member who forgot the hat.  You perform without it to a sold-out audience of friends, family, and a lone personality who got caught in the rain and ducked into the theatre for refuge.  The thing is, why did you forget the important component in a hat number?  Hello!  Were you hoping no one would notice?  The dancer to whom I refer is 5 feet 11 inches tall!  She is all arms and legs!  The choreography includes holding on to the hat and raising it above our heads in a circle.  So, the imaginary hat went above her head duplicating those dancers’ movements where hats, rightly so, were visible. Come on people, let’s get it together. Props are integral to life in general. Once I drove all the way down our 2-lane highway 20 miles before I noticed my purse was missing from the front seat. Aargh! I had left this important “prop” on my bed! I drove an uncharacteristic, excruciatingly slow 51mph all the way home. I couldn’t afford to be a highway patrol casualty. My duplicate purse “prop” with requisite driver’s license copy (I owe my DMV friend big time) now occupies a corner of my car on a 24/7 basis.

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