Clerical.  I do expect to step on a few toes out there.  Clerical work is commonplace.  Even I, in a moment of weakness, have been known to take on a job that includes drawers full of files with the express purpose of my using the files in my daily grind, er, work.  And work, it is.  No, more like drudgery.  Grim.  Unceasing.  Work befitting a highly tuned and accurately programmed robot.  In other words, don’t give that work to me, pass it to the robot.  Robots are not known to complain.  Well, unless the robot is akin to HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey.  While on staff at two schools I was inundated with the paperwork that came my way by virtue of my job description.  Yep.  Right down there in the fine print of my job expectations the directive could be found.  “Any and all tasks assigned”.  Ugh.  This meant that I did not get to pick and choose how I spent my day on campus.  It had been determined for me.  Really?  Fifteen years and reams of paper later my mind-numbing experience working for the schools provided just the right dose of robot-like behavior.  Monotonous, tedious work more befitting an emotion-less piece of machinery.  Like HAL.

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