Noodles & Robots

Pool noodles.  The foam type used for combating your arch-nemesis water foe.  They come in a multitude of summer colors.  Over the 15 years we’ve enjoyed our pool these noodles served as a mainstay to our hot weather play time.  They come in handy even for those with limited swimming skills as a single noodle makes for a nifty floating device.  In our most recent purging of forgotten items stored in our backyard shed we found four faded noodles.  They had begun to disintegrate and we tossed them in the garbage.  Noodles yield pretty much to your command.  They work for you.  The same can not be said about clerical work.  When you are ensconced in files and piles of paperwork, you become robot-like.  You are at the mercy of the paper-pushing regimen that dictates your work-day.  I will address this in the piece that follows.  Robots.

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