The players

In small rural villages like the one in which I reside, there can be found a plethora of beauty salons, or so it seems.  Well, maybe there are ten.  In a town with a population of 7,600 where the count for female residents numbers 4,210 that translates to 421 gorgeous, newly coiffed females per beauty salon.  Since I don’t find 421, or even 4, gorgeous women winding their way downtown one has to wonder what role these beauty salons play.  Yes, we’re all aware of the rumor mongers who congregate among the stylists chairs.  I’m hard pressed to determine what other diversion exists for the fairer sex in a town lacking a movie theater, or, a bowling alley, or, an amusement park.*  That henna rinse takes on monumental appeal when it can be offered alongside fodder for local gossip. Which brings me to my first player.  My terrific stylist runs a shop exclusively patronized by women from our senior residential establishment — and me.  I don’t think she would mind me saying that I guess all the cool young people and other chatty types have found their niche in other salons.  She recognizes her role. I so enjoy our conversations. We laugh. A sweet little moment in the company of one of life’s players. The appeal I have for my stylist rests partially on the fact that she’s an out-of-towner.  She takes up residence in another town.  I like that.  Sometimes familiarity does breed contempt.  That can be avoided by taking a chair where I find a bit of a reprieve from the daily goings on of life. *There is a tattoo parlor open till 9:30.

*Not anymore.  The tattoo parlor has moved on since I appeared at their door considering a “Yellow Brick Road” permanent inking on my thigh.  (Just a passing thought…didn’t do it.)  I was told the parlor moved to Brentwood, a nearby city.  Oh well, there’s a hot dog vendor on a dirt lot prominently situated where the traffic can see him.  That doesn’t exactly qualify as something one can do to entertain oneself.  Although some folks do make a hobby out of eating.  That’s actually a segue to my next entry, “Super Size me”.  Stay tuned.

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